6) Cloud Engineer

In today’s digital landscape, cloud computing reigns supreme, transforming the way businesses operate and offering unparalleled career opportunities. Aspiring to become a cloud engineer? Here’s your roadmap to success:

Understanding Cloud Computing

Cloud computing delivers computing services over the internet, offering scalability and flexibility. Whether it’s managing emails on Gmail or streaming videos on Netflix, cloud technology is omnipresent.

Why Choose Cloud Engineering?

With the exponential growth of cloud adoption, skilled cloud engineers are in high demand. From designing infrastructure as a cloud architect to ensuring network security as a cloud security engineer, the opportunities are endless.

Exploring Roles

Cloud architects design tailor-made infrastructure, while cloud networking engineers optimize network performance. Cloud security engineers safeguard data and mitigate cyber threats, ensuring the integrity of cloud environments.

Salary Insights

Entry-level salaries in India range from 2.5 LPA in service-based companies to 5 LPA in product-based firms. However, it’s essential to verify salary claims using platforms like Glassdoor.

Skills and Certifications

Proficiency in Linux fundamentals, virtualization, networking basics, and programming languages is essential. Pursuing certifications from AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud enhances your marketability.


Embrace the cloud revolution and embark on a rewarding career journey as a cloud engineer. With the right skills and certifications, you can unlock endless opportunities in this dynamic field. Happy cloud computing!

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